GILFORD — Firefighters were able to quickly extinguish a fire in a mobile home Friday afternoon, limiting the damage.

The Gilford Fire Department was dispatched shortly after 12:30 p.m. Friday after being told a mobile home in the Lakes Region Mobile Home Village, at 303 Old Lakeshore Road, was on fire.

Moments later, personnel and equipment from Laconia and other area communities were dispatched to the scene, but Gilford firefighters were able to limit the fire to an area in the rear of the home before any mutual aid companies arrived on the scene.

Jim Carlson, a neighbor, said he had just walked out of his residence when he smelled smoke. He looked around and saw black smoke and immediately called 9-1-1, he said.

“I guess it was a case of being in the right place at the right time,” he said.

Firefighters tore off siding and part of the soffit of one section toward the rear of the home, exposing a burnt partition and framing.

The manufactured home belongs to Patrick and Lisa Savage.

Lisa Savage said she was running an errand when she got a phone call telling her her house was on fire, and she immediately rushed back.

Savage told neighbors there had been a showing scheduled for today for the 940-square-foot home, which is for sale.

The Savage’s dog was inside the residence and was brought out shortly after Mrs. Savage returned. With tears in her eyes, she hugged the dog as neighbors gathered around to comfort her.

The Gilford Fire Department could not immediately say how the fire started.

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