LACONIA — Two days after saying he would not contest the results in the race for a state House seat, Republican Richard Beaudoin of Laconia has filed for a recount.

Beaudoin won 10 fewer votes than Democrat Gail Ober who finished fourth for one of the four seats to represent Belknap County House District 3, according to initial returns.

Beaudoin changed his mind after state Republican Party Vice Chair Alan Glassman convinced Beaudoin to file for a recount, Glassman said Friday.

“He has paid the ($10) fee and he met the (5 p.m. Friday) deadline to file for a recount,” said Glassman, who until recently was the chairman of the Belknap County Republican Committee.

Based on the final tabulation from the Laconia City Clerk’s Office, Ober received 2,579 votes, while Beaudoin received 2,569.

The top three vote-getters were incumbents Peter Spanos and Frank Tilton, both Republicans, and Democrat David Huot.

“I encouraged him to apply for a recount.” Glassman said. With so few votes separating him and Ober “there’s every reason to believe that (with a recount) he could become a state representative.”

Glassman said the recount was a way to show support for those who voted for Beaudoin, as well as being a potential benefit to the Republican Party which lost its majority in the 400-seat state House in Tuesday’s election.

The date for the recount had not be scheduled as of Friday, Glassman said.

The District 3 recount is the second in a House district involving Laconia.

A recount is scheduled to get underway this morning of the votes cast in Belknap House District 9 comprising Laconia and Belmont. In that race incumbent state Rep. Charlie St. Clair, a Democrat, beat his Republican challenger Steve Whalley by 35 votes.

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Heaven forbid there be a Democrat representing the area. Oh, the horror!

Folks, Democrats are for average people, not those of extraordinary means.

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