Ryan Benson

Ryan Benson

GILMANTON — A local man is being held in Belknap County Jail after police arrested him earlier this month in connection with home break-ins around Crystal Lake, police report.

Ryan Benson, 39, of Gilmanton Iron Works, is facing six counts of criminal trespass and three counts of criminal mischief.

The chain of events that led to Benson’s arrest began on Oct. 2 when Gilmanton police went to a residence on Crystal Lake Road after receiving a report of criminal trespass, the department said in a media release issued Thursday.

Police learned Benson was at the residence, despite being told to stay away by both the owner and the police. Benson had already left the residence by the time police arrived.

Within an hour after police left the residence, Benson returned. Police then caught him trying to leave the scene and arrested him, later releasing Benson on personal recognizance bail, police said.

The following day, police received a call informing them that a man and a woman had broken into another residence near Crystal Lake and stole belongings. Police subsequently determined that Benson had committed that break-in.

The investigation ultimately determined that Benson was responsible for break-ins at several residences in the Crystal Lake area.

Police have charged Benson with criminal mischief and criminal trespass.

Several times during the investigation, Benson allegedly told police he was an undercover law enforcement agent for a federal agency, a claim police determined was untrue.

Benson is on probation from the State of Virginia and is being supervised by the Laconia Probation and Parole Office. He is being held on a probation detention order, Gilmanton police said.

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