02-20 Bonnie

Bonnie the Belknap County Nursing Home Cat celebrated her 16th birthday in January. (Courtesy)

January found us celebrating all month with various “popping” fun. We popped into 2019 with a little bubbly, and used the corks for a craft. We used bubble wrap, not only to pop, but for a couple of crafts and a centerpiece, as well. We popped bubbles while learning about the science behind them. We made “pop” corn in different flavors, and used balloons in our exercise program, trying NOT to “pop” them.

We also celebrated the much-loved pet of BCNH, Bonnie the cat. She turned 16 in January. We had a party, complete with cake for the residents. Bonnie got some toys and some special treats.

February is such a short month, but it is HUGE in FUN! Our theme is “An Enchanted February.”

We kicked off February with a tailgate party social, rooting for our team, the New England Patriots to take it ALL on Super Bowl Sunday. They did not disappoint. (We think they may have been “Enchanted”!) The kitchen provided the perfect tailgate snacks — corn dogs, nachos, chicken wings and potato skins.

Groundhog Day came next, and Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, so it looks like it will be an early spring. Here’s hoping he is right! We celebrated Groundhog Day reading all about our Furry Forecaster. Could he be enchanted too?

Following Groundhog Day was Chinese New Year. We had a Chinese New Year social where we learned all about our birth year and the coinciding animals.

Our “enchanted” crafts were a beautiful “enchanted mirror,” followed by a Teacup Fairy Garden. The kitchen provided some magical tasting snacks for our “Once Upon a Party” social. We made dark chocolate cookies and fairy cakes. We have learned about some different “fairies,” such as the Tooth Fairy.

We also had a special “Valentine's Bingo.” The kitchen decorated the dining room for Valentine’s Day to look like a Romantic Getaway destination, including very yummy desserts that everyone loved.

We are having a Winter Carnival week, where we will have a “snow day” with snowball fights, snow sculptures and a hot chocolate bar to warm us up.

We will have a “Some Enchanted Evening” dance with family and friends, and a Random Act of Kindness Day, where we are hoping to spread the love. We will close out the week with a Hawaiian Luau day, looking forward to the sunshine.

LNA Debra Poire is our January Shooting Star. The Shooting Star is a program to recognize staff members who go above the call of duty.

Do you have some extra time? Come volunteer at Belknap County Nursing Home. Volunteers are always wanted. Contact the Belknap County Nursing Home Activity Department to sign up today.

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