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General Manager and Float Tech Stormy Leroux showcases new hand grips installed in the Quest Float Suite, one of two tank styles available at Meredith Whole Living Center. (Courtesy Photo)

MEREDITH — Meredith Whole Living Center became something of a pioneer in September 2016 when it opened the first floatation therapy service in New Hampshire. Three years later, the center has made upgrades to its popular service and will hold an open house to showcase it on Thursday, Aug. 8.

Floatation therapy involves lying quietly, suspended in water infused with 900 pounds of Epsom salt. The mind is free of stimuli and the body is released from pressure, offering deep relaxation while absorbing the calming nutrient magnesium.

The therapy is intended to provide muscle, spine and joint relief; stress reduction; muscle relaxation; increased creativity, problem-solving and mental focus; better sleep quality; faster muscle repair and recovery; and the ability to enter a meditative state with ease.

Over the years, Meredith Whole Living Center has gained a better understanding of how sound affects people’s floating experiences. That knowledge has allowed the center to improve upon soundproofing the float rooms, reducing the potential of external stimuli that could interrupt the client’s experience.

Meredith Whole Living Center recently brought in other experts in the field to assist in additional float upgrades. New England Float Partners of Portland, Maine, and Ace Composite of California played key roles in the upgrades to tank motors and tank tops as well as safety upgrades in tank rooms. Upgrades ensure that  the experience is safe and conducive to ultimate relaxation and stress relief.

“We are so proud to be delivering this incredible service to the Lakes Region and investing in it, so we can continue to offer the best the industry has to offer,” said owner Kelly Chapman.

The open house will take place on Thursday, Aug. 8, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on the second floor of 48 Main St., Meredith. Guests will enjoy tours, live entertainment, light refreshments, special offers and raffle prizes. Come meet the team and learn about the methods to help people achieve overall health and wellness.

“We are one hundred percent committed to offering the Lakes Region the very best of all that we offer," said Chapman, "whether it’s floatation therapy, nutrition coaching, skin care, massage or any of the other services we offer to help clients achieve whole health.”

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