Office of School Wellness

Janet Brough, wellness training and marketing coordinator for the Laconia School District's Office of School Wellness, and McKenzie Harrington-Bacote, administrator of the office, pose with the award the office received from the Governor's Council on Physical Activity & Health. (Courtesy photo)

The Laconia School District's Office of School Wellness has received the 2019 Outstanding Achievement Award from the New Hampshire Governor’s Council on Physical Activity & Health.

The Outstanding Achievement Awards are given annually by the council to individuals and organizations who have accomplished outstanding achievements in promoting healthy lifestyles through increasing opportunities for physical activity and overall health for New Hampshire residents and employees. The 2019 awards ceremony was held on Friday, May 31, and was followed by the council’s Granite Walk of Ages. 

The Laconia School District Office of School Wellness was recognized for outstanding achievement in the Towns/Cities – Organization category.  The Office of School Wellness has made a significant impact on the physical well-being of the Laconia School District Staff.  They promote physical activity in many ways. Most impactful to staff has been the offering of a variety of workout classes through the local gyms in Laconia. Class offerings at The Downtown Gym have included strength training, drumming, pilates, kickboxing, SHINE, yoga, better posture, pound, piloxing and spin classes, among others. Having a variety to choose from increases interest and exposes members to many different types of workouts.  A weekly boot camp class is also offered at Studio 151 for staff.

This has positively influenced the educational community around physical health and has impacted emotional health, as well.  Along with the feeling of wellness from exercise, comes the sense of comraderie from gathering together with other members of the teaching community.  Many of the staff members who attend are self-proclaimed “amateurs” when it comes to physical fitness, but they support each other, cheer each other on and look forward to meeting together each week. When they see each other at district workshops and other events, it is a great feeling to know that they are connected through wellness activities that make them feel proud to be an important part of something special. These programs are changing the culture and lifestyles of our community and enriching the lives of their members.

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