Community Wellness Center

The Community Wellness Center has reopened, three mornings each week. (Courtesy photo)

LACONIA — After a long hiatus due to COVID-19, the Community Wellness Center has reopened and is ready to welcome clients.

According to Coordinator Raelyn Cottrell, the Community Wellness Center is "more than just a place to physically better your life; it’s a place that also betters your mental health too. While the Wellness Center is there for health and fitness, it is also a place to feel at home and know that people care about you and your general well being."

The center is a non-profit organization available to serve the health and fitness needs of everyone, Cottrell explained.

"It’s not just a gym; it’s a place where folks can go for a workout that’s safe and supervised by a medical health professional. Those looking to start an exercise program, no matter their stage in life, can feel comfortable knowing there is medical staff on site to monitor the clients."

CWC is staffed by emergency medical technicians and advanced emergency medical technicians.

The center is currently open 7 a.m. to noon, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. As demand increases, so will the hours of operation, Cottrell says.

"What started as a maintenance program for cardio and pulmonary rehabilitation is now a full exercise center with most of the equipment one would find at a typical fitness center, but with the added benefits of medical supervision and exercise supervision. What’s even more special about the Wellness Center are the friendships made. Members genuinely care about each other and are always so welcoming to new members."

To learn more, call 603-527-9355 or stop by 22 Strafford St.

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