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The Lakes Region Builders & Remodelers Association and members of the New Hampshire Humane Society collaborated on a dog-kennel roofing project. From left are Ray Boelig, Ponders Hollow Custom Wood Flooring; Jared Mansur, Cyr Lumber; Wayne McBrian; Ben Wilson, Edward Jones; and Greg Page, Meredith Village Savings Bank. (Courtesy Photo)

LACONIA — The Lakes Region Builders & Remodelers Association and members of the New Hampshire Humane Society recently collaborated on a dog-kennel roofing project.

The roofing project was a top priority for the Humane Society, as the dogs have to be in their outdoor kennels when their indoor kennels get cleaned each day. Having a roof over the kennels protect the dogs from snow, ice, and rain in the winter, and will keep the hot summer sun off them as well.

Craig Butler of Butler Home Inspections drew out the plan for the roofing. Members of the Lakes Region Builders & Remodelers Association, Cicero Kass L’Dor V’Dor Charitable Foundation and Ponders Hollow Custom Wood Flooring donated or greatly discounted the materials for the job, which took more than 160 hours for the volunteers. Two other sections of kennels will get roofs in the spring.

Humane Society board member Wayne McBrian, along with Lakes Region Builders & Remodelers Association members Jared Mansur, Ben Wilson (also a Humane Society board member), and Greg Page, along with Greg Ricardi, a friend from West Boylston, Massachusetts, and Ray Boelig, president of LRBRA and an NHHS board member, were instrumental in the completion of the project.

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