As of Oct. 1, there were 834 residential homes for sale in the towns in Belknap County, plus Moultonborough, Tuftonboro, and Wolfeboro. The average asking price was $657,906, the median price point was $346,691, and the average days on market was 120. The current inventory level represents a 6.9-month supply of homes on the market.

It seems like in just about every newspaper or magazine you will find an article giving tips on one thing or another.  Articles about time saving tips, money saving tips, how-to tips, and don’t-make-this-mistake tips. You’ll find an extraordinary number of home improvement and real estate articles. You know like; “Ten Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Winter,” or “14 Must-Know Home Improvement Tips From the Pros,” or “Ten Tips on How to Sell Your Home in the Fall,” and “How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent.”

 These articles often fill “special” sections of the newspaper. You know like a special “Fall Home Improvement Guide.” It makes really good content for the Laconia Daily Sun and without these articles you’ve got stories about the Gilmanton Selectmen, the Belknap County commission,  crabby letters, the obituaries, and the funnies. The paper would be pretty skinny, right? Newspapers need content and the home improvement and real estate world provides lots of topics. But, yet, there are just only so many…

 I wonder how many times readers must  read the same home improvement or real estate advice over and over? Maybe readers forget that they had already read basically the same tip article last year?  Maybe it is because the articles are regurgitated (I like that word) in a different format and people think they are reading something different? Maybe there should be “Memory Tips” articles as well. It’s just like how all the real estate websites have all the same listings but they all look different?

I am guilty of writing articles like “How To Choose Your Fifth Real Estate Agent” and “Tips for Selling Your Home in the Dead of Winter in Blinding Snowstorm,” too. After all, I gotta write something other than just giving sales statistics and sometimes your mind just goes blank, right? But, I am going to continue to endeavor to bring you only new and really important stuff if humanly possible.  You know, like insights from the Professional Porch Sitters, where to find the best redneck real estate, and feature articles on great man caves.

It has also come to my attention that the proliferation and repetition of these types of articles have caused an uptick in the amount of paper used by the publications. That in turn increases the deforestation which contributes to global warming. I just don’t want to be blamed for that.

A week or so ago there was even an article on how to safely rake leaves. Really? That is actually a new one, I think! I am just wondering if people really need to be shown how to safely rake leaves? My Dad kicked me out the door and said to hold the skinny end of the rake.  I then raked the leaves into a pile and burned them. That was not necessarily safe for a ten-year-old but I learned to love the smell of burning leaves…and I didn’t hurt my back picking up leaves.

So here’s the quiz part of this article. How well do you know the Lakes Region? The Lakes Region has some really colorful street names! If you are looking for real estate or just trying to get around it is good to know the area. See if you can name the Town in which these streets are located (don’t Google them first):

  1. Hornbeam Hollow
  2. June Bug Lane
  3. Tee Dee Drive
  4. Pancake Hill Road
  5. Ta Da Dump Road
  6. Sticks and Stones Road
  7. Roller Coaster
  8. Cram Road
  9. Grimstone Drive              
  10. Pot O Beans Road
  11. Barbers Pole Road
  12. Cat Pat
  13. Dr. True Road
  14. Jesus Valley Road
  15. Indian Carry Road           
  16. Rear Africa Road
  17. Cow Path
  18. Granny Hill Rd
  19. Pest House Road             
  20. Fox Trot

See, that was different…

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