Lake Winnipesaukee

The "Granddaddy" of them all...Lake Winnipesaukee. (Courtesy photo)

New Hampshire’s Lake Region is one of the most stunningly beautiful places in the united states. Our magnificent lakes and majestic mountains create a backdrop that is unrivaled in the northeast. For those of you who are visiting or thinking about relocating to the Lakes Region, here’s a breakdown of our 15 largest lakes in the region:

Lake Winnipesaukee

Area: 44,586 acres

Max Depth: 180’

Avg. Depth: 43’

Location: Gilford, Laconia, Alton, Meredith,

Center Harbor, Moultonborough,

Tuftonboro, Wolfeboro

Info: Lake Winnipesaukee is New Hampshire’s largest and most famous lake, as well as the sixth-largest natural lake entirely inside U.S. borders. With approx. 72 square miles of surface area, it has 258 islands, approximately 625 billion gallons of water, about 178 miles of shoreline, and a driving distance around the lake of about 63 miles.

Squam Lake

Area: 6,764.5 acres

Max Depth: 99’

Avg. Depth: 24’

Location: Holderness, Center Harbor, Sandwich,


Info: Squam Lake is New Hampshire’s second-largest lake, with 67 islands to explore. The movie “On Golden

Pond” was filmed on this scenic lake.

Lake Winnisquam

Area: 4,214+ acres

Max Depth: 173’

Avg. Depth: 49’

Location: Sanbornton, Tilton, Laconia,

Meredith, Belmont

Info: Lake Winnisquam, the 4th largest lake entirely in New Hampshire, offers pristine waters and excellent fishing for rainbow trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, lake trout, and yellow perch.

Newfound Lake

Area: 4,106 acres

Max Depth: 182’

Avg. Depth: 74’

Location: Bristol, Hebron, Alexandria,


Info: One of the deepest lakes in NH, Newfound Lake is considered to be one of the cleanest in the USA. It is about 2.5 miles wide and 7 miles in length.

Lake Sunapee

Area: 4,090+ acres

Max. Depth: 105’

Avg. Depth: 37’

Located: Sunapee, New London, Newbury

Info: Great fishing spot for lake trout, salmon, and smallmouth bass. There may be restrictions on boat launch limits. Accessible via the Sunapee State Park, Sunapee Harbor, and other sites.

Ossipee Lake

Area: 3,091 acres

Max Depth: 73’

Avg. Depth: 27’

Location: Ossipee, Freedom

Info: Ossipee is moderately developed, and many of the waterfronts have sandy beaches. Popular for lake trout and/or salmon fishing, there are boat/speed restrictions.

Lake Wentworth

Area: 3,017.6 acres

Max Depth: 80’

Avg. Depth: 25’

Shoreline: 14 miles

Location: Wolfeboro

Great East Lake

Area: 1,825 acres

Max Depth: 102’

Avg. Depth: 35’

Shore length: 18.02 mi

Location: Wakefield

Info: There are many seasonal cottages and vacation homes on Great East Lake. The lake is shared by the towns of Wakefield, New Hampshire, and Acton, Maine, with 45% of its surface area in Acton and 55% in Wakefield.

Merrymeeting Lake

Area: 1,111 acres

Max Depth: 120’ feet

Avg. Depth: 29’

Location: New Durham

Info: Merrymeeting Lake feeds into Lake Winnipesaukee and is a popular destination for fishing lake trout and salmon.

Silver Lake

Area: 969 acres

Max Depth: 164’

Avg. Depth: 47’

Location: Madison

Info: Crystal clear water with beautiful White Mountain Views.

Lake Waukewan

Area: 912 acres

Max Depth: 70’

Avg. Depth: 22’

Location: Meredith, New Hampton

Info: Lake Waukewan is 2.1 miles long and has a width of .9 miles. It is Meredith’s water supply, featuring clean water and an average depth of 22 feet. Waukewan flows into Meredith Bay of Lake Winnipesaukee through the Inn at Mills Falls.

Webster Lake

Area: 612 acres

Max Depth: 39’

Avg. Depth: 18’

Location: Franklin

Info: Webster Lake is a popular quiet lake in Franklin dotted with second and primary homes. Accessible via a ramp at Legace Beach.

Crystal Lake

Area: 455 acres

Max Depth: 53’

Avg. Depth: 16’

Location: Gilmanton

Info: Crystal Lake flows via the Suncook River into the Merrimack River. This peaceful lake is located in the historic town of Gilmanton and includes many vacation properties.

Lake Opechee (Opechee Bay)

Area: 426.7 acres

Max Depth: 61’

Min. Depth: 23’

Location: Laconia

Info: Paugus Bay flows into Lake Opechee at the Lakeport Dam; Opechee flows into Lake Winnisquam in downtown Laconia.

Lake Kanasatka

Area: 371 Acres

Max Depth: 40’

Avg. Depth: 18’

Location: Moultonborough

Info: Kanasatka is a peaceful lake with scenic views of Red Hill.

Each one of the above lakes is definitely a slice of paradise. If you are looking for more information on each one of them or would like to see what is available for sale on any of these lakes, feel free to contact our Realtors® of Roche Realty Group, and we will be happy to provide you with valuable insight on our beautiful Lakes Region.


This article was written by Frank Roche. Frank is president of Roche Realty Group with offices in Meredith and Laconia, NH, and can be reached at (603) 279-7046. Waterfront sales data was compiled by a NEREN map search on 06/3/2021 at 10:00 am EST and is subject to change. Please feel free to visit to learn more about the Lakes Region and its real estate market.

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