To The Daily Sun,

Many thanks to Michael Sweet for his on-target letter about the lesser Republicans with time on their hands but no integrity to reason from facts. Other Republicans — and in our state, too — are not of hug-up-to-villainous-Trump nature. The 2020 election is shaping up — have a kick-and-whine-my-way-out-of-my-mistakes re-elected President Trump, or go for a return to American values and true patriotism. A world-leader country like ours should be run by an adult. .

Meanwhile, thanks to the Democrats and a few thoughtful Republicans in D.C. who want to defend our Constitution, historically "the law of the land." We are a so-young country, that now is a test-time for sure. Will the Constitution hold? Will no one, including a president who may have come to his role by devious means and foreign financing, be above the law? It remains to be seen.

Oh, and this is a First-World problem. We are not former U.S. allies now abandoned and having to become refugees or dead, as are the Syrian Kurds, their wives and children — perhaps abandoned by Trump because that COULD be a diversion away from his own self-created problems being headlines.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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