To The Daily Sun,

By the time you’re reading this it will be Tuesday, Sept. 14, and voting day. Today you will be making the important decision of who you will be voting for as candidates for the final mayoral election.

The question most of you still have is who am I? I will make that answer brief and to the point. I am Tyler Gonnion, I stand for the transparency of the city government, the city’s budget and spending, and the transparency of what is happening in our children’s schools.

I have concerns and ideas on how to help our homeless and drug addiction dilemmas, starting with getting active security and cameras in the downtown parking garage to maintain a safe and clean area for us to park while we visit the downtown businesses.

I am not going to make promises of change or reform, because change requires cooperation and agreement between our government. However, I can promise that I will make these subjects prominent topics that we address.

I believe that I can bring a new mindset into our local politics. Being in the same class as the majority of Laconia, I understand where these concerns come from, and I believe that our representatives should have that level of understanding in order to make decisions that will truly benefit our fellow residents.

With this, I ask when you are filling out your ballot, seriously consider the possibility of me as your mayor.

Tyler Gonnion


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