To The Daily Sun,

How did the name of our country originate? Were the founders possessed with a need to communicate a sense of unity? United has a lot of power that, when combined with states, allows people to live together and be governed.

In recent years, our unitedness has been severely tested. We need to ask why; why it is that perfectly ordinary people seem to be filled with hate for other ordinary people? Who or what is sustaining these confrontational conditions?

All the rancor we are experiencing did not start with the Trump campaign and that which followed, but much of it can be traced back to that source. It’s not just that he and his supporters “fight dirty,” it is the level of enjoyment they seem to have in acting that way. It is unfortunate, but he seems to be enjoying the impeachment process. The impeachment reveals that at least half of us are tiring of the ongoing corruption and chaos.

Jill LaPore in her book, “These Truths,” said it best. According to her, history, in recent years, has become a wound that bleeds and bleeds again. In other words, our wounds teach us nothing. She goes on to say that the idea of truth itself is being challenged. If we reach back to the beginnings of our republic, Jefferson’s declaration was about the truth that is derived from fair-minded debate.

We’ve come a long way and bled a lot since the people met in Philadelphia. We should be in a better place now, but are we? The events of September 2001 caused more than the chaos of the moment. It created major distrust between the political parties. Those in the press were accused of “fake news” even though they were trying to report accurately the events unfolding daily. For those who desire to manipulate, the internet became a favorite tool. Largely unregulated, the world wide web became the tool that may very well destroy reporting based on truth. News has gone “Hollywood.” Instead of Walter Cronkite telling us the “way it is,” we have reporting of “breaking news” between commercials.

Supposedly, the truth shall set us free, but it is not being sought with enough vigor. We would rather Google it! How do you fact-check an ethical dilemma? Does it make sense to have our political parties destroy democracy simply because they can’t agree on anything? Will events of the coming year result in a formula for governance and pull us back from chaos?

Bill Dawson


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