To The Daily Sun,

“Television enables you to be entertained in your home by people you wouldn’t have in your home.” — David Frost

I guess the same can be said about newspapers. My last letter proved to be correct; was it a happy moment? Kind of. I noticed in the online version that I received a few comments, so let me please address them. One commenter felt I came to a hasty conclusion and that he believed it was a Democratic trick right before November. I‘d heard that rumor as well, and I figured there would be some (foolishly so) that actually believed that, and now I know of at least one.

The second commenter stated as well that I should get my “information correct” before I spoke. Well, if you could not have figured it out on your own that it was a Trump supporter, then that island you live on must be very pretty. Again, I am not a liberal, so please stop trying to place a name tag on me.

I think both sides have screwed themselves, Red and Blue. But Trump thumps the hate drum more and more every day and then sits back on his magical golden throne — untouchable. He says one thing and then does another. He blames this one and not that one. The man who made these bombs was a radical Trump supporter- period. And he believed his idol so much that he was willing to kill for him. His targets are the same as Trumps, so do you seriously think that was an accident?

I’m happy he was caught and he will go to prison. I’m happy no one was hurt during this. My letter simply but accurately stated a fact that proved to be dangerously correct. The Republicans are very quick to point the fingers at everyone else, but look what happens when the fingers are pointing at them. They act no better than spoiled children on a dirty playground do. The path that this country is on is so very sad and it is going to continue until another far more qualified candidate steps up to truly lead us all. I don’t care what gender they are, what color they are, what religious belief they follow, or what country their ancestors were born in. Just do the job for all people and not just yourself.

.Denise C Burke


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Alan Moon

Again, you should wait until the facts come out before going off half cocked. It turns out that the bomb nut had been a life long democrat before switching parties recently. What difference does it make? Vote for Eddie Edwards!


Omg your so full of excuses and pounding your small baby fists at anyone who disagrees with you and your Trumpy

Alan Moon

You are happy that it turned out to be a Trump supporter? Are you happy that the synagogue shooter was a Trump Hater like you? there is no hate from President Trump, only from the deranged democrats. They should never be elected to anything, They only know how to divide and lie.


Again missed it Alan. Keep on trying. Your as lost as your party!


Like Trump, the shooter was a bigot and a nationalist. They share that hatred of "others". It was a no-brainer that it was a Trump freak that sent the bombs. Even before Denise's letter, I made the remark that it was a Trump supporter sent the bombs. Stupid Trump supporters. The nation has made some serious mistakes in the past. The latest is electing Trump. Moral people hate him. You're not moral, Alan, are you? You can't be if you support this proto-fascist

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