To The Daily Sun,

Trump has taken credit for a “great economy,” which was a gift left to him by former President Obama.

It took former President Obama eight arduous and laborious years to correct the debacle inherited from the Bush/Cheney administration. During President Obama’s eight years in office, his administration took the approach of steady, deliberate, laser focused, and strenuous effort to tackle what will forever be known as the Great Recession.

In spite of the roadblocks thrown in his way by Republicans and the Freedom Caucus, the Obama administration had many successes which cannot be denied or ignored. A very popular President Obama won an overwhelming re-election — a second term which allowed his administration to continue rebuilding this nation which was in economic free fall.

At the end of his two successful terms, President Obama’s administration handed over a solid foundation based on a blueprint plus definitive policies and tenets to the incoming Trump administration. Policies which defined a course of action that should have been followed for continued success. Policies put in place with deliberate protections. Crafted with prudence and regard for cautiousness. Policies that proved advantageous and continued overall success for the nation to survive intact.

The Trump administration outright lied and deliberately ignored the person who created the vision; ignored and maligned the person who built the foundation he inherited. Trump’s cabinet and administration burned the blueprint, and Trump took every opportunity to mock or distort what was given to him on a silver platter. Sadly and tragically, Trump continues to reverse many safeguards that were put into place for very valid reasons.

Trump and his cronies continue to squander and trash that foundation. Trump has and continues to weave a web of blatant perverted lies, distortions and utter disregard for the rule of law.

The following comes to mind when we discuss Trump: “Icarus, son of Daedalus, dared to fly too close to the sun on wings of feathers and wax. Icarus' father warned his son of complacency and hubris. Icarus ignored his father's advice. He did try to fly too close to the sun.. flying over a body of water. When his feathers went up in flames and the wax melted his fell into the sea and drowned.”

Bernadette Loesch


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(5) comments


Right on target, Bernadette :-)

Alan Moon

yeah, right.

Common Sense

as sure as the sun will rise, this guy moon will offer a mostly useless comment when a letter writer offers an opinion that differs from his own.


Omg you are my hero Common Sense! You nailed it!


At least he could speak to inspire! While the Cheese It can’t form a complete sentence with out using grade school words.

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