To The Daily Sun,

Better than half way through this interesting experiment with an incessantly splenetic presidency, much of the nation has become accustomed to daily mortifications, or has lost its capacity for embarrassment — which is even worse.

If the United States is nothing but an economy — then the state of the union is good; but everything our Democracy has stood for has been turned on its head by this administration. Americans need a healthier Republican Party and a morally-sound conservative movement, but there’s no evidence of it happening any time soon. The genius of Trump is that he realizes that ordinary Republicans just don’t care. It’s just not something that’s important to them. Attacking Social Security, Medicare, student loans, unemployment benefits, job training programs are just a few of the highlights that demonstrate how uncompassionate current governing conservatism has become.

Our country has become a basket case, being led by an almost inexpressibly sad specimen of a man. His historical ignorance, childlike ignorance concerning governance and economics guarantees that whenever he must interact with experienced and accomplished people, he is as bewildered as a kindergartener at a seminar on string theory.

Historically, our great nation has produced such men as Henry Clay — The Great Compromiser, Abraham Lincoln — The Great Emancipator, Ronald Reagan — The Great Communicator, and sadly, sitting in the oval office, we have Donald Trump — The Great Prevaricator. He has fed us lies and fabrications, and brazenly invented new stories even when they contradict preceding ones. His base, which he has obvious contempt for, are effortlessly gulled by his preposterous lies.

Trump believes that his stronghold on the GOP is so tight that his flagrant disregard for checks and balances won’t matter to the Republican base or Republican elected officials. Instead of complying with his oath of office, and instead of taking stock of what is in the best interests of our nation whose Constitution and laws he swore to uphold, he views matters in purely terms of his own ego. Simply put, Trump puts his own perceptions of self-interest above national interests, which he seems unable to comprehend or respect.

The overall pattern is clear to anyone, Republican/conservative or Democratic/liberal, who intellectually and honestly comes to see it. Trump’s entire presidency to date has sacrificed the means of democracy, to include a constitution, a system of government based on the rule of law, and an independent judiciary, to accumulating and preserving the ends of his personal power.

Robert Miller


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