To The Daily Sun,

The mainstream media complains about Trump, calling everything fake news and acting as though they are champions of truth-seeking free speech. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They are agenda driven and will turn a blind eye to mountains of corruption and wrongdoing on the left, all the while digging for anything that they can find to incriminate President Trump. Along with the Democrats and even some in the Republican party, and much of academia, and the entertainment industry they are all trained in the practice of sophistry.

Sophists, to the best of my memory, according to Plato, were professors of situational ethics. This is how many today rationalize their unethical treatment of President Trump. They rationalize, well we wouldn't do this to anyone else but because this is President Trump and his supporters it's okay. Why do you suppose they are willing to do this?

Here's what's at stake:

There are two competing world views. One is Christian and Biblical and the other is, I would say, atheistic, but it is really antichrist because it is a coalition; many forces all whose first cause is Satan, though his hand in it is usually hidden in subtleties, and lies. Both of these views drive our politics in different directions.

Most will not believe a thing unless there is an element of truth to it. Like, a rising amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can affect a global warming; I'm sure has some truth to it. Does it equal a threat to our existence unless we do something drastic is nebulous at best, a flat-out deception at worst, for at their word minus those who don't agree they want to institute policies that will hurt millions of the most vulnerable people. Yes, I know the "experts" minus those experts who disagree all say so. The better question is how long do we have anyway in this world system? And who is capable of fixing it?

What does God, God's Word and history tell us:

There is a world government system if not always functional, has always been aspired to, that began at the thwarted event of the tower of Babel. It's unfolding is seen in the form of Nebuchadnezzar's image in Daniel chapter two. Nebuchadnezzar's image is that of a statue that represents the kingdoms of the world, whose goal has been world domination. I'll let the reader look that up and read it.

This obsession of world dominance with man is millennia old and is still with us today. Those who would work to bring about this world domination and oppression work tirelessly behind the scenes, and will almost never show their hand, but their work goes on. It's a lust for power that drives them. The desire of these and those who desire to revive the strength of our republic is the battle that we see playing out today for the life of our republic. All of this is in God's hand and He has a purpose of His own to accomplish. I will stop here for now, and if the Lord is willing I will make further submissions to expand on this very important subject.

John Demakowski


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Yo John - the term "fake news" Congress out of the mouth of your Savior Donald. Everyone else just reports on EXACTLY what the moron says.


You call a book written by men who didn't know where the Sun went at night Gods Word? Too funny

Common Sense

Take it down a notch or two guy.


Why? Have not seen some disgusting comments by others on here?! They are far worse than his opinion.

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