To The Daily Sun,

I'm dedicating this to my granddaughter, who I had the opportunity to spend a few days with while Mom and Dad took little trip to Nashville. She and her sister, Hope.

We hung out by pool, they made sure I didn’t drown with one leg! WELL, did spent time at bottom that wasn’t funny!

Anyway, TMI. I understand but one lengthy discussion with the class Salutatorian, who is headed for Northeastern, made me think. Now, yes, she’s been turned into a true liberal but this discussion had bells going off in my head and I didn’t feel very good!

It was a long discussion but I’ll make it short and to the point: it was concerning ”cages" and the treatment of people, humans, at the boarder! Women, children being separated, limited space, no bathing and unsure of food and treatment. Have checked Factfinder and other places and TRUE. Opened my eyes and thoughts of past: Japanese treatment not good but not this bad? How about Jews? Auschwitz? I know, the point is are we just doing the party thing. Republican, Democrats! Fake news! Really?

I don’t know what to believe but I do know I don’t like it! No, I haven’t seen it in person, like MOST of us! Would we be proud? That’s just the way it is?

Faith, I’m not going to be on the wrong side of this disaster! I have work to do and it starts today. I have friend in El Paso who will tell me the truth! I should have asked before! Thank you princess!

Bob Jones


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