To The Daily Sun,

I get the e-version of The Daily Sun. I find it a great way to peruse the news of our region. Thank you for offering this.

That said, this morning, as my young daughters were playing in front of me, I scanned, and was intrigued by the front page news about Bike Week. I read the article, and was extremely disheartened. The article mentions the many shirts that are sold during Bike Week, and says, “T shirts with pictures and slogans too off color to mention here, are a staple of Motorcycle Week.” That’s fine. What I don’t understand, is how the shirt that the article highlighted, was somehow, NOT too “off color” to mention.

The shirt that the “top selling” shirt is based off of, is hate-filled enough. Add in the president of our country and a significant woman who ran for the Democratic Party, and it not only continues the message of hate, it further divides our country.

Let’s be above that, Daily Sun. Let’s take article space to send messages to our daughters, to our sons, that as adults we can have opposing viewpoints, but we never need to stoop so low and to such hate. Yes, there will be shirts with pictures and slogans that are rude, but let the wearer bear that statement, let’s not as a community paper highlight such hatred.

Rachel Ludwick


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