To The Daily Sun,

The Obama administration doubled our national debt by spending $9 trillion over-budget in eight years. That’s $9,000,000,000,000. (Equivalent to $9,000 billion) of spending in addition to an average $4+ trillion annual budget, with nothing of significance to show for it.

No new federal highways, no new federal-funded on-demand hydroelectric or nuclear power plants, no new federal parks, no new federal defense systems, and no expansion of the southern border wall.

President Trump has asked the Democrat-majority House for a mere $4 billion to complete the U.S. southern-border wall to protect America … our citizens, our infrastructure, our lands, our corporations, our wealth, and our future. The southern-border wall will be a significant tool in defending us against our enemies and those that would damage our country and our citizens.

For math-challenged readers, President Trump’s request for a southern-border wall expansion and completion costs only 4 units, compared to the 9,000 units of over-budget spending of the Obama administration. That is not even one-tenth of one percent of the Obama over-budget spending, or the Obama budgeted annual spending, and that is worth repeating:

The Trump border wall funding request is not even one-tenth of one percent of the Obama over-budget debt spending or the Obama annual budgeted spending!

I call on our Democratic-majority Congress to stop damaging America because of their inability to accept Trump as our president. It’s time to do what is right for our country. Lay your hatred behind you and embrace the fact the President Trump is asking you to fund the southern-border wall to protect all Americans … including Democrats, independents, and Republicans.

Don’t let your long-past political loss overwhelm your logic and compassion for America. I believe that most Democrats are American patriots first, and must hate ISIS and our true enemies more than they hate President Trump. I also believe that most of our elected officials love this country and its people, far more than their ideological defense of criminals, trespassers, and murderers.

A vote against funding the southern-border wall is a vote of emotion, and not worthy of the adults and patriots that walk the halls of Congress.

Keith Forrester


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Trump is damaging the nation. Trump is the national emergency. He has to be strongly opposed and put in his place and called out

Common Sense

don't try to brainwash the readers as you have been. 5 billion will merely MOBILIZE this boondoggle of a project. decades from now, when it actually is complete, the present day cost will be closer to 500 billion. it is a black hole, and should not be dominating the news.


facts are facts
lies are lies
alternative facts are propaganda


Sir - you really need to look at the facts, because these ain't them.


A mere 4 Billion........😂😂😂😂😂

Alan Moon

The spending bill that Trump signed included 6 billion bucks for security projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Egypt including their own border walls. we got 1.375 billion towards our own. There are 1300 illegals crossing our own border every day. We have to get our priorities straight.


Amazing since the Republican Congress turned down Secretary Clinton's and President Obama's request for more security in Benghazi. Trump COULD have accepted the earlier plan that offered him more money, but he said "No".


He got less after every rejection. That is just plain funny

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