To The Daily Sun,
Jamee Anatello, mother, Christian and HERO. Jamee was attending a prayer meeting in the park with her children, youngest 10 months old, with others from her church when Antifa arrived throwing flash bombs, pepper bombs and being the asses Antifa are. A flash bomb went off near her baby's face. Her son was covered with pepper spray. White men dressed all in black with faces covered (like the cowards they are) attacked and harassed them because they are Christians. (Did I mention Jamee and family are black?)
  You mean you never saw this in the news? Maybe because our mainstream media refused to tell it in print or TV. No headlines "BLACK FAMILIES ATTACKED BY TERRORISTS." Nope, so why?
This didn't stop Jamee though, because she crashed a media event screaming with baby in her arms and children around her she called out the entire media corps present. Pointing, saying "you, you, you and you" at reporters "are to blame."
Antifa is not pro black. They are dangerous terrorists, she accused, and you (media) refuse to report that. When someone alluded to Proud Boys, no Proud boys were there. Proud Boys are not terrorists she asserted - very un-politically correct. 
It's on the web, you can look it up. A very impressive angry tirade speaking truth to power of the corrupt press. Paint this lady HERO. Learn: don't piss off a mother whose children you have endangered by your political correctness.
This is as I have said for years. Antifa are terrorists pure and simple. Our police, elected officials, and responsible citizens must condemn these criminals and demand they be arrested the moment they show their masked faces, and the courts must impose the harshest penalties allowed by law.
Media outlets that ignore, excuse or justify them must be confronted and boycotted if they refuse to report truth. When the media becomes politically correct, they become a danger to the life and limb of their community's people. We have seen perfect evidence of this over the past several years. Time they cleaned up their act.
Steve Earle

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When you say mean Anti-Fascists, group who protest or confront the Racist, Haters, Ani-Semites, White Supremacists when they are doing things attack people and our country.

Your story sounds like some conspiracy drivel that you pulled off a QAnon website, you're not fooling any one with continual BS, bigotry.

Buster Jones

My favorite Anti-Fascist organization (or Antifa as Steve calls them) was led by a guy named Dwight Eisenhower.


I am ANTIFA. Do you consider me a terrorist Steve?

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