To The Daily Sun,

I've been waiting since the 1950s for those personal flying machines Edgar Rice Burrows wrote about powered by the "9th ray" and the 1970s for electric cars which would actually be better, more cost efficient than our still-better internal combustion engine ones to no avail so far. Seems the 9th ray doesn't really exist and for every advancement in electric cars manufactures they're matched with advances for the ICE cars so I'm still waiting. A big problem is it costs manufactures 40 percent or so more to go electric and the darn batteries have to be replaced every few years while regular engines are regularly cranking out two to three hundred thousand miles.

One writer in The Daily Sun addressed the electric energy/cars/airplanes etc. debate recently with the reality of scientific facts on the issue. How come so many of the "green" promoters refuse to accept science on this issue while demanding we accept their favorite "science"? Just so they know I accept the world is warming just not the end of the world narrative theory and has been for several million years. It goes up and down from decade to decade so I refuse to panic that's all. My 10-year-old Ford runs great, looks great and likely will outlast me so no thanks electric.

Filled up our 2009 Nissan Cube the other day, $2.87 at BJ's while more than a few pumps are closer to $3.00 thanks to the political hysteria of global warming. Just a year ago it was closer to $2.00 and can anyone deny the costs of everything is going up again thanks to the left's war on facts and reality. This affects every working family in America and just wait for the promised raise in your taxes next year. Funny how this stuff always hits the lower classes, working or otherwise, like a punch in the gut. What's not funny is how those doing it don't care. Kind of like how crime and murder rates are soaring in every city they control. Doesn't it make you wonder?

News of note from Wakefield, Massachusetts. Eleven members of a group called Moors Rising were arrested after an armed stand off with Massachusetts State Police on Interstate 95. No driver licenses and all armed with unregistered rifles and pistols contrary to Massachusetts laws. How come? This is a fundamentalist Islamic group and by their beliefs no secular laws are legal or binding on them, only Islamic doctrine is considered legitimate. (Most Americans do not understand this). Hoping The Daily Sun tracks this story to see how our courts deal with it.

Steve Earle


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