To The Daily Sun,

In February, the Senate Election Law & Municipal Affairs Committee voted down SB 80 — which would have established an independent advisory commission on redistricting — along partisan lines just days after the bill was introduced. Liz Tentarelli, the President of the NH League of Women Voters said, "The speed at which this bipartisan bill was rejected should concern all Granite Staters. Politicians should not be able to make backroom deals that rig the balance of power for the next 10 years."

Now that the census data is out, NH residents should be very concerned about how fairly we will be represented in Congress.

The Fair Maps Coalition wants the Special Committee on Redistricting to be totally transparent. They must:

• have at least 1 open meeting prior to and after maps are drawn

notify the public 7 days before each meeting

• create a way for all citizens to be able to see and submit redistricting alternatives

• allow all citizens to be able to see and submit comments

• release any data they have to the public immediately

I am asking NH voters to get involved by calling or writing before August 25th to:

Barbara Griffin, Chair

603.497.8286 Chair and Steven Smith, Vice-Chair

603.826.5940. Tell them that you want fair and transparent redistricting citing the points listed above.

Sharon Racusin


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article was pushed to the top, but the questions about why we are allowing people outside of the lakes region to spam the Letters to the Editor? Shows a clear bias, as we've heard from people in Franklin who have their letters rejected for being "outside of the area"


Hanover is well out of the Lakes Region, even the Greater Lakes Region. Your letter's inclusion says more about the editorial staff allowing through this missive while people in Franklin have theirs routinely omitted, since. . . not in the lakes region.


beat your dead horse more. By "fair" you just mean you want some control. You elect people who make the controls. If the populous doesn't elect who you prefer, you don't get to call them "unfair" without looking like a fool. Had your party been in power, you'd be absolutely silent and that, my friends, is the very definition of a hypocrite.

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