To The Daily Sun,

In 2015, Bernie Sanders won the N.H. Democratic Primary by a substantial margin and yet, DNC rules allowed Hillary Clinton to accumulate more delegates. The same DNC, allowed NextGen to funnel millions of dollars into our tiny state and, against college campus rules, allowed those folks to campaign and coerce inside of our college dormitories. Now, a New York Senator, Chuck Schumer, has stated that Don Bolduc, a legal resident of the state of New Hampshire since birth, would be an “authoritarian” senator.

A few things are made obvious by his accusation: 1. Senator Schumer knows nothing about military service. A successful military officer cannot be authoritarian. Things just can’t function that way. Without a team in place, a cohesive team, nothing is possible. 2. Senator Schumer cares nothing about New Hampshire. Why would he? His only concern is the DNC and their agenda. Maybe that’s a bit authoritarian. 3. The biggest threat to the DNC retaining control of that N.H. senate seat is Don Bolduc. A New Hampshire son who comes from a family with a history of service to New Hampshire and our country will make a magnificent senator.

There are no skeletons to unearth, no character debate to be had. Don Bolduc is Senator Schumer’s worst nightmare, an honest man with an honest agenda. Senator Schumer should be afraid. If men and women this honest become the trend, he and his cronies will all be out of a job.

Hillary Seeger


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