To The Daily Sun,

On Saturday, Aug. 21 of this year I attended the Republican Fundraiser Country Gala event held at Gunstock Mountain Lodge. I normally don’t attend political proceedings of this nature based on past experience. I was also hesitant at first just because of my beliefs that the Republicans have been doing too much partying and not enough of saving this country. My irritation goes back to a year and a half before the election when they knew the courts were being compromised because of the “plandemic” at the time. I also admit it’s tough for me to afford the $65 admission price. Fortunately, a friend of mine, who owns a local marina, was nice enough to offer me an extra one that he had in his possession.

My night was filled with affirmation as I noticed and mingled with the people in attendance. The majority of people in attendance are business people. They are business owners, financial experts, investors, bankers, lawyers, and landlords and so on. There were not many blue-collar workers there. You see the guy we have as our main spokesperson? I mean I like him and all but he is a joke. He’s not even a native, having just moved here a few years ago. Really, that’s the best we got?

For the past five years I have had quite a bit of exposure to politics. I have always been interested in what’s going on and figured I would finally get involved even with my reservations. I have helped several people with their campaigns, or talked them up for votes, or just voted for them myself. I know most of these folks personally, some I went to school with. That goes for local, state and federal elections. After they were all elected, I could never get any face time with them again. They are tough to contact and if you can get through they don’t listen anyways. None of them get back to you, or are too busy, or whatever excuse. What they don’t know is that I know everybody. I hear that they were out on so and so’s boat the other day. People talk and I know what you are up to. It’s funny how they never miss a photo op. They always have time to eat out and to travel and go on vacation as well.

Many have their own personal agendas and that is why they got involved. They are not going to follow up with anything you mention to them. I have so much information and knowledge of the local and state programs and what is occurring but no one is interested. It’s as if I would have to beg to be heard. I notice they are busy writing bills about something personal to them

I notice they are busy writing bills about something personal to them like the loss of a love one, or loss of finances, or their drug addiction, or their gender, etc. I love how they joke about how they only get $100/yr for being our representative. That’s because they have accumulated enough wealth and resources that when bad times come around they can just ride out the storm.

I am not saying they didn’t work for it, that’s not the point of this letter. I think they are fortunate. I know it’s my issue, but I guess I feel that I am not in the same class. I only wish that I had the health, time and resources to be able to be able to even attempt being a representative.

During the night, I had a brief conversation with one repeated elected official. We had some small talk regarding politics and some local officials and candidates. He then asked me if I play football or baseball anymore. To which I replied no to both.

“Well, this is our sports” he said. The remark left me feeling funny. Everyone I have told had a much angrier reaction. At least in sports if you lose you get to play the next game in the season. In politics if you lose it hurts people.

As we currently see in Afghanistan, as well as in our own country, sometimes people die. I see the comparison to sports though…no hustle, lack of communication, conquered by compromise, tolerating defeat and the list goes on.

Again, I am talking about the vast majority, not everyone. However, this is the main reason I have withdrawn from politics, philanthropy and fellowship gatherings. These folks have a certain picture in their head as to who is successful and tend to migrate towards others who can enhance their lives. I also get the feeling that the party thinks they have the next election in the bag now that the Democratic Party’s occult beliefs and policies are being exposed.

I could go on but this letter is lengthy enough. However, I like many others might not even vote the next time. I wonder if there are other people that feel the way I do. I only hope that the young people will be able to see the truth and do the right thing in the future.

Scott Kipreotis


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Alan Moon

There may be hope for the younger generation yet, by the way they sing about Joe Biden at recent college football games.


nearly every state rep I know have full time jobs, businesses, and probably would find it insulting that you chalk up their success to "being fortunate" instead of "sacrificing to ensure you're able to take care of yourself in the bad times". Further, the sports analogy, you're taking quite too literally. They have free time, you sit around and watch sports, they do what's necessary to keep communism from creeping into our wonderful world. What they do, is worth it. What you do, is complain. You won't do. For all the reasons you've stated.

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