To The Daily Sun,

We want to thank the Lakes Region community for your incredible support during our inaugural 2021 season. Renovating the Lakeport Opera House was a dream project for us to recreate a unique entertainment venue for the community. Thanks to the hard work of local contractors, we raised the curtain in June after being dormant for 60 years and have been amazed by the support that we received this summer. From the local community welcoming us with open arms to the fantastic performers that entertained us in so many ways to our dedicated and hard-working staff for the tireless hours and best in class customer service, we can’t thank you enough for your support.

We can’t believe that we were able to entertain over 5,000 friends at 30 shows, all of which were sold out and celebrated in every way possible over the last three months. We laughed with comedians Lenny Clarke, Steve Sweeney and upcoming Christine Hurley who lightened our moods. We cried happy tears with memories from those who passed through medium Maureen Hancock. We were in awe of the tricks performed by Adam Wilbur, Evan Northrup and master illusionist Lyn Dillies. We sang our hearts out with tribute bands that performed our favorite U2, ABBA, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe and Motown hits. We enjoyed family time and watching our kid’s excitement for Little Mermen. We were on our feet rocking with local talent like Recycled Percussion, Eric Grant, Paul Warnick, Rockphoria and the Flutie Brothers and enjoyed intimate performances by nationally known singers like Clay Cook, David Nail and the upcoming Femmes of Rock. And, we loved the unique Opera and Murder Mystery performances. This summer blew us away and was truly amazing in every way possible.

We will be closing the facility Labor Day weekend for the fall and winter months for venue improvements, upgrades and to work on booking an even bigger 2022 season lineup of performers.

Laconia and the entire Lakes Region, you are amazing! We will take the time during this break to create some new and exciting opportunities and programs for the Opera House. We will begin announcing new shows and re-open in the spring ready to entertain you at the most unique, historically elegant, and modern venue around!

Scott and Tim James Everett

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Everett Family, as a Laconia citizen I wanted to share my thanks to all of you for your investment in, and more importantly your continued belief in Laconia. What you have embarked on with the restoration of the Lakeport theater, and the clean up & development of the Lakeport area has been amazing to follow and truly a blessing to Laconia. It's easy to forget how things were just a few short years ago; how those buildings were boarded up and in disrepair.

How lucky the lakes region is to have you invest in quality and the betterment of the area means so much to so many - thank you!


Thank you, sirs. For taking that old building that everyone could see might one day once again be a gem, and you made it a diamond. Now, it's a corner full of vibrancy, of nightlife, of music, and food, and people coming together. Your projects are exactly what this city needs, rich poor or indifferent. So thanks for your vision, thanks to your teams for their craftsmanship and labor, and thanks to your neighbors for not being NIMBYs.

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