To The Daily Sun,

I recently wrote that I was somewhat disappointed that my signs were not being stolen at the same rate as Joe Biden’s. As it turns out, I may have spoken too soon, as there has been a dramatic uptick in my sign disappearance rate. Two nights ago, 15 of my signs disappeared from private properties within a mile and a half of my home. The night before, it was 10. (Not to mention the innumerable Biden-Harris signs gone, and others). Although I do not in any way condone the criminal behavior behind these thefts (a misdemeanor carrying a potential fine of up to $1,000), the actions of these nighttime thieves have become a rallying cry in my area.  My prior supporters have stuck with me and are more eager than ever to help with my campaign. And several people who never showed much interest before have now become allies, offering to place my signs in their yards in a show of solidarity.

So I owe a debt of gratitude to the sign stealers. It may not have been their intention to boost my campaign. On the contrary, their actions are more those of people feeling their world slipping away from them, people unable to keep up with the changes of modern life. They fear strong women, and people of color, and the LGBTQ community. They are quick to label government programs as socialism, even while accepting the benefits of Social Security and Medicare. They put their heads in the sand and cross their fingers and deny climate change and the death toll from COVID and the exodus of young families from this part of the state. One of their remaining comforts in life is to attack anyone looking more to the future, and to try to deny us even our First Amendment right of free speech, by removing or defacing our political signs.

Whatever the intention of these misguided souls, I say thank you. You have awakened some fervor in the part of the community you oppose, and you have pushed some people previously more inclined to sit on the fence a little closer in my direction. They disassociate themselves from you and your actions, and decry how the conduct of President Trump has infected even local politics.

Whether this trend will translate into enough votes for me to win election is still up in the air. Your unintentional assistance, however, is one of the best campaign contributions I have received.

Ruth Larson

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inside job. We replaced two of Ruth's signs that were blown down into the woods beside a roadside. To think the wind is also white supremacist.

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