To The Daily Sun,

Early in 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo requested of President Donald Trump the hospital ship Comfort to alleviate the COVID-19 hospitalizations and the Javits Center for treatments also. The president approved the request. As it turns out, Cuomo never used the hospital ship and used the Javits Center sparingly. He also mandated the nursing homes in New York City to accept hospital patients who had contracted the COVID-19 virus, thus causing an influx of over 15,000 deaths. This was March 25, 2020. The governor subsequently rescinded the order on May 10, 2020. He continued to underreport the number of deaths in the nursing homes. During that time, he and his younger brother Chris, who hosted a show on CNN, partook in a series of comedic skits on CNN, pertaining to the pandemic and testing of the various procedures available. The governor also wrote a book postulating how he was a great governor helping New York during the pandemic. For this he received $5 million. With the advent of no less than 11 women accusing him of salacious behavior, including groping the breast under the shirt and forcible touching and kissing, his punk brother, Chris, advised and wrote the speech to refute the women. Gov. Cuomo has resigned and could be impeached and possibly go to jail if convicted. Chris Cuomo could lose his job at CNN for his involvement. Such a fall from grace for both brothers should make the late Mario Cuomo, their father, who was governor of New York for three terms, turn over in his grave. Their mother Matilda has to be devastated by their deeds. Way to make mom proud! New York and California, the two largest Democrat power states, can lose their leaders. One, Cuomo resigning and possibly impeached, and Gov. Gavin Newsom, up for a recall election. Are the chickens coming home to roost?

Rich Tjaden


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we will find out at election time.

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