To The Daily Sun,

You are in a subway station with your your family, friends and neighbors surrounding you. It's been an exhausting, beaten down day, week, last two years. There is a train thundering towards you. Like a lamb to slaughter, the crowd around you steps on the tracks...

Power is insidious, and power fueled by lies and greed, ignored by those vested with honoring the truth, like a thundering train, is horrifically catastrophic. History teaches us that. We have fought wars and lost lives to protect our democracy from men who grab power, divide nations, lie without remorse, have no moral compass, putting our beloved democracy in peril.

We are complicit if we do not rush towards the tracks, getting those we love and those we desperately wish to unite in love, out of the way. We are complicit if we do not ask our government, no, demand our government to show empathy, take care of our seniors with fully funded medicare, ask even the very wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes, honor all human rights, including those of children, people of color, of lesser means.

Yes, I'm exhausted. I long for graciousness, to stand in the heart of our nation and watch those we entrust to summon their better angels. I long for those with power to honor what we, throughout our nation's great history, have held sacred and dear, what we have laid down our lives for. Yet, so many, many, many have chosen to abandon normal decency with the hope of their continued power grab.

At what cost?

Mary Ann Drapcho


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Alan Moon

Decency? After the disgusting display of democrat poop slinging during the confirmation hearings, they should all be made to sit in a corner like naughty children to think about what they have done to our country.


Beautifully put🌹

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