To The Daily Sun,

My response to Alan Vervaeke’s column:

Alan, I decided to respond to your column about me and the many other people you insulted in it. Honestly, I don’t care what you say about me, but I was surprised to hear you complain about other people in New Hampshire.

Your column makes it sound like you don’t enjoy New Hampshire anymore because it is not as anti-White as you wish it was. Did you think because people were friendly that they would welcome their demise with open arms? Why should White people want to become a minority in a state that they and their ancestors made great? We don’t have magic soil or magic trees here. The people make a state great and some people are better at creating and sustaining civilized societies than others.

I don’t deny that the Holocaust happened for the fun of it. I don’t believe it happened because I have taken a look at the facts presented by many men in the past. I understand that my willingness to discuss the Holohoax might turn some people away from my message of proWhite advocacy but it is my belief that the most egregious thing that has been done to White people is the fact that they have been lied to in order to keep them controlled and afraid to survive as a people. The Holohoax has been used as a financial and political weapon. Jews have used it to create a collective sympathy for themselves. Being the victims of the ultimate crime accomplishes many things. One of which is that it makes people afraid to question their behavior. Another is that it generates income. Being a victim pays, and if you can successfully portray yourself as the ultimate victim and make people afraid to question your behavior there isn’t much you can’t accomplish. Without the Holohoax in their arsenal the Jews are nothing but a group of people who have subverted, deceived , and been expelled from 109 places on Earth.

The buildings in the labor camps were incapable of functioning as homicidal gas chambers. That was proven by Fred Leuchter, a gas chamber expert that worked all over the United States. After he proved that homicidal gas chambers never existed in the camps his career was ruined and his life was threatened by angry Jews desperate to keep their lucrative lie going. His courage to seek and tell the truth motivates me to do the same for my fellow White people who believe the lies just as I used to.

I’m not afraid to tell the truth no matter what the consequences might be. Many White people still believe the lies and are still afraid to identify as White people who want to strive for survival. I can’t blame them nearly as much as I blame those in power who continue to lie, manipulate, and deceive in order to prevent those White people from achieving what they are capable of. The lies need to be exposed. White people need to be free of the stranglehold that has been on them for far too long.

Ryan Murdough

New Hampton

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