To The Daily Sun,

A couple of days ago a guy posted a video on Facebook saying the reason he was asked to leave a local eating establishment was because of a political shirt he was wearing. Was he truly angry about being asked to leave or was he looking for his viral moment? Who knows, but I applaud the people of the Lakes Region who, rather than jumping on the band wagon to eviscerate the business or ignoring it because it either a) confirmed their political beliefs, or b) went against their political beliefs, actually took to social media to defend the business.

Look, I wasn’t there so I don’t know what happened but I do know there’s more to the story than a political shirt. In fact, I know the political shirt had nothing to do with what happened.

There are actually some business that will ask you to leave if your behavior is obnoxious and abusive regardless of what you’re wearing.

So, I suggest we start doing a couple of things. First, don’t try to destroy a business over a perceived slight. Now, if you’re refused service because you’re a police officer and they tell you that, or if your group of Bernie Sanders supporters are refused a table because of your shirts, and so on, and the establishment makes a clear cut point of this refusal (re: Sarah Sanders and family), then you’ve got a real complaint. But if you’re acting like a jerk and you get called out on it, don’t blame it on your shirt and try to get a bunch of polarized political supporters to use social media to trash a business.

It's important to have places like Patrick’s Pub in our community. This is a place where you can see friendly banter between the Libertarian and the Democrat. You can see someone with an Elizabeth Warren shirt shaking hands with someone in a MAGA hat. Patrick’s Pub is the place where the community, all of the community, come together to raise record amounts of money for children’s causes through the Lakes Region Children’s Auction. They are sponsors of the VFW Military Ball every year. I know there are myriad projects they are involved with to BETTER the community for ALL of us. Plus, they are a great place with good food and fun people.

I want to say thank you to Patrick’s Pub for being one of the places we can all go and check our politics at the door. I want to thank Patrick’s Pub for everything they do for the community. AND I want to thank the folks, who rather than allowing the video to spread, unchecked, challenged this man’s account of what happened. We need to stop mentally convicting without facts. All of us. Both sides. And you know what else? Maybe we need to stop having sides and learn how to have rational conversations with each other.

Please stop looking for reasons to be outraged. Aren’t you tired of being angry all of the time? I know I am.

Hillary Seeger


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