To The Daily Sun,

I was appalled by Steve Earle's casual bigotry regarding Islam and equally appalled that the Laconia Sun had no issue printing it. He made a sweeping and uninformed denunciation of an entire major Abrahamic religion observed by 24.1% of the global population, or 1.8 billion people. An incredible display of bigotry. Far from disavowing human rights, the Quran states that all humans are the descendants of one man Adam and are therefore brothers to one another. Islam is a doctrine concerned with respect, tolerance, justice, and equality and the Islamic concepts of freedom and human rights are imbedded in their faith in the One God.

Mr. Earle claimed speciously: "Islam can never change because Muhammed forbids it from ever changing." Every major religious text that has existed for over 1,000 years is subject to a great deal of interpretation to accommodate changing issues and technological progress. Given these interpretive challenges and human nature, every single religion has been twisted for venal human ends at various times. Yet, we don't condemn entire religions based on extremist interpretations – Mr. Earle's letter being an exception. Bigotry begins as soon as you embrace sweeping statements that are used to characterize any large group of people as though they are all the same.

Further, not content to stop with his egregiously bigoted Islamophobia, Mr. Earle turns his severely prejudiced worldview to weigh in on Israel's siege of Gaza.

People with demonstrably bigoted tendencies are poor sources for enlightenment on any subject.

Patricia Saenger


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Such bigotry Alan. I know a lot of Muslims and all were pretty moderate. There are extremists in every religion and Christianity is no different. I would label you and Steve as extremists.


An excellent letter

Alan Moon

Muslims would be easier to get along with if they would stop persecuting non Muslims all over the world.


Agree 100%


Some people would be easier to get along with if they would stop persecuting all Muslims because of the actions of some. There are extremists in every group and/or religion! Should we judge all Americans by the actions of the worst of us? If so, we probably shouldn't be talking about others. If not, we probably shouldn't be talking about others. Notice a trend? Maybe we should let people be responsible for their own actions? Just a thought....

Alan Moon

So if there are 100 Muslims in my town but only a few of them want to kill me, I should feel better, V?


Alan Moon (it wouldn't let me reply directly) - feel however you want to feel. Your feelings aren't the issue & I'm not trying to manage them in the comment section of the local newspapers website! In your example, would it do any good to call all of them killers? Would they not kill, then? Perhaps some would be been allies if you let them, if you weren't calling them killers for someone else's actions. There are extremists in every group. There are killers in every group. Noticing a trend? I'm considered "Caucasian" or "white". Am I automatically a killer because plenty of Caucasian people have killed others. Whatever ethnic group you are in has their share - should we call you a killer? Would that be accurate? It doesn't get us anywhere, does it? If you're not a killer, this time could've been better spent. Which would make you a time-killer, at the very least. And time is the thing we have the least of in this world!

Alan Moon

Just ask the people in Afghanistan about how tolerant is the religion of "peace"


Again, the things you speak of aren't done by everyone - they are done by extremists. Extremists, by definition, do not represent the majority (otherwise, they wouldn't be considered "extremists"...right?). If they don't represent everyone - how is it accurate or fair to blame everyone for the actions of some? Yes, they have some things in common...but, so do you & your neighbors. Or, you & your cousins. Are you publicly stating that you are responsible for everything they all do? Would that be fair & accurate?

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