To The Daily Sun,

No Mr. Fiorini, I do not hate conservatives. As a matter of fact, there are many conservatives (such as those working for the Lincoln Project, like George Conway and Steve Schmidt and George Will) that I respect. Being a “liberal” and an object of your profound “hatred,” I disagree with many conservative viewpoints. For instance, I believe that less money should be spent on the military and more should be spent on social programs, (education, feeding the poor, health care for underserved populations, etc.). And on those policies, I think that we can “agree to disagree.”

No, what I abhor is Trump's racist, anti-democratic (yes terrorizing and tear gassing peaceful protesters is undemocratic) Confederate flag waving, anti immigrant, Covid denying, tax evading, Russian loving, traitorous policies, (I could go on.). Anyone who supports these policies, believes these lies, and plans on voting for Donald Trump, I have extreme dislike for. I love America and I don’t want it to become a fascist, Trump self-serving country. Also, his policies aren’t even “conservative.” True ideological conservatives would never spend trillions to ‘build a wall.” True conservatives are anti authoritarian regimes, and would be against Trump’s Russophile policies.

So “my contempt” isn’t for conservatives. It’s reserved for our current president.

Mark Weinreb


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Alan Moon, Does it hurt to be a racist?

Alan Moon

Does it hurt to be that stupid?

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