To The Daily Sun,

The Taliban is reportedly vowing to inaugurate an "inclusive" new government. So, lets take a look at how they are doing. Some of the world's most dangerous terrorist leaders — one of whom is on the FBI's "Most Wanted" list — were seen sauntering freely in the Afghan capital of Kabul late last week following the Taliban's takeover of the country.

Members of the Taliban reportedly set an Afghan woman on fire for what they said were her poor cooking skills, according to reports.The Taliban "massacred" and viciously tortured several members of the Hazara ethnic minority in Afghanistan, according to the human rights group Amnesty International.Taliban forces in Afghanistan are now reportedly "hunting down" journalists and other supposed dissidents in order to execute them.

Christians in Afghanistan say they are fleeing to the mountains as Taliban militants are reportedly going door to door in search of believers in order to kill them. The Taliban shot at a woman at least eight times, stabbed, and had her eyes knifed out of their sockets before Taliban fighters left her for dead because she had a job. She was pregnant during the horrific attack.

The Taliban also reportedly killed a woman for not wearing a burqa on the same day the terrorist organization promised to honor women's rights, according to a report from the New York Post. And at least three people were reportedly killed in the eastern city of Jalalabad when Taliban militants opened fire at a protest against the removal of the Afghan national flag.

Looks like they were lying about being inclusive, just like here in America with the woke mob. Yet what actions are being taken to stop their terroristic acts? This Taliban takeover basically sent all the sacrifices made by our soldiers and theirs down the drain.

How did the primitive Taliban win? Why were billions in U.S. military weapons and equipment left behind? Is there political motivations for letting the Taliban win? Who is taking responsibility for the failure by those who assured us it would never happen,that cost many lives,and will they be fired or brought up on charges?

Americans await an answer that may never come. Or if it does,it may not be the one that is in the name of justice for this injustice.

Len Hanley


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