To The Daily Sun,

Contact the Bristol Selectboard today and tell them to stop the Sewer Project and respect the vote of the people.

Bristol taxpayers should be alarmed of the coming new taxes because the selectboard will not respect and honor a vote taken at Town Meeting in 2020 to rescind the Sewer Project. By law the selectboard does not have to listen to the voters but when the voters send a resounding buyer's remorse vote of 91 to 31 (75%) to rescind the Sewer Project the selectboard should be listening. The voters found out the real costs of taxation and user fees and that was the reason for buyer’s remorse.

For example, depending on your property’s valuation, yearly taxation with user fees could reach $2,000 per year. This is all documented, jump to page 14 for amounts:, and see video starting at 17:31 for comments section:

Everyone will be paying this tax every year and there is no getting out of it unless they stop the Sewer Project. For those who must connect and need a grinder pump, you will have to pay a one-time installation fee which could run up toward $15,000, plus you are responsible for paying the maintenance of the system. You are responsible when there is a failure, not the town. Think I am wrong? Ask the selectboard how much it will cost you and watch them dance around an accurate amount.

Newfound Lake has been and still is one of the cleanest lakes in the nation if not the world. Don’t be deceived by what people say, do the research yourself. If the selectboard continues with this phase of the multiphase project I believe the properties around the lake will change into something we would not like. Look at the head of the lake area on Lake George or go to Meredith and Laconia and view all the condos, hotel/motels and super high-end developments.

Contact Don Milbrand at, Anita Avery at, Les Dion at, Shaun Lagueux at, JP Morrison at, and town administrator Nick Coates at

Contact the town office at 603-744-3354 or 5 School St., Bristol, NH 03222.

John Sellers


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