To The Daily Sun,

One could be forgiven a chuckle reading the letter recently published in this paper by Rep. Richard Littlefield. One could also be forgiven for feeling angry and sick that we have such a deluded and hypocritical individual serving in public office.

If you have an ironic sense of humor, you might laugh at the absurdity of his claim that the "business-friendly" budget he helped pass would mean anything other than higher property taxes for the people of our city. Mr. Littlefield decided that his caucus was more important than our city when he helped pass a budget that once again saddles individuals like you with a disproportionate burden. He would rather you pay the lion’s share of taxes to support our roads, schools, police, and fire department, not the companies that benefit directly from our infrastructure and skilled workforce. When your property tax bill comes in, make sure to thank Mr. Littlefield.

It’s a lot harder to laugh about Mr. Littlefield’s words regarding Laconia Public Schools, which for the past three school years have moved heaven and earth to provide a safe, and supportive environment for students to learn, despite the ugliness and ignorance of people like him.

Mr. Littlefield might have some animosity towards Laconia schools, since he apparently graduated without knowing what a question is. His criticism though, demonstrates a cynical opportunism. Students nationwide have had their education interrupted significantly, which has obviously led to declines in standardized test scores. I would hope an elected official would be smart enough to make this connection, sadly, perhaps not. More likely, Mr. Littlefield wants to continue the removal of local control and tax dollars from community schools, and towards private and religious schools under the guise of "choice."

His brand of politics hollows out communities, promotes ignorance, and creates an environment that is not attractive for professional people and working families. Our city has a bright future despite him, and we should show him the door next year.

Jacob Roy


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