To The Daily Sun,

In an effort to assist Mr. Meade, I’d like to suggest a few topics he might like to ponder in an up-coming op-ed submission.

Meade might like to comment on his obsession with election fraud. He has questioned Florida and California election fraud with no proof that it occurred. But there is one place where there is a strong possibility of fraud in the 2018 midterms, and Meade has failed to mention it thus far. While he has pushed a narrative of rampant fraud, he has ignored the unfolding drama in North Carolina. This fraud in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District presents the possibility that fraud helped a Republican defeat a Democrat by 905 votes. Thus far, there is evidence that the Republicans tampered with absentee ballots listed as unreturned, particularly those ballots of people of color.

Another issue Meade might want to consider is the ploy by Michigan and Wisconsin Republican legislators, after significant losses, that will try to dilute Democratic control by enacting legislation to gut their state constitutions so as to strip certain executive powers from the incoming Democratic governors; preventing them from enacting policy changes. I suggest that this goes to a fundamental defiance of the will of the voters.

Republican/conservative or Democratic/liberal, we must do everything we can to protect the integrity of our ballots and the sanctity of our elections because our democracy depends on it.

Mr. Meade goes to great lengths to defend the POTUS by blaming others, as the POTUS so often does, for an administration so spectacularly corrupt that it’s simply impossible to give all its scandals the attention they deserve.

It should be obvious to anyone (even Meade) that Trump is his administration’s own worst enemy. His two years in office have been saturated with public relations crises that have tossed his administration’s ability to respond — and tested its cohesion as we’ve been witnessing on a daily basis. What Trump has faced has been a function of missteps. Emphasizing a few of the crises that have loomed over his administration would have to include: investigations into Russian interference into the 2016 elections, eroded relations with foreign leaders, attempts to ban immigration, resignation of Michael Flynn, revelations that Jeff Sessions misled the Senate, false accusations of Obama wiretapping, the firing of FBI Director James Comey, discussing classified information with Russian officials, suggesting that massive voter-fraud affected the 2016 election, attacking the news media as an enemy of the American people, Trump’s separation of business interests and his presidential duties, and Trump’s false erroneous tweets. Of course, this can all be attributed to “fake news.”

In addition, we now have more than 30 indictments or guilty pleas related to the Trump administration or his associates. These individuals include his campaign chairman, personal lawyer, national security advisor, deputy campaign manager and foreign policy advisor. True, that charges made public have not alleged conspiracy, but it should be clear to Meade that the endgame is drawing near. Mueller is patiently laying out the predicate for a wide-range conspiracy case that will likely ensnare the president’s family and, quite likely, Trump himself.

Trump has created the biggest problem of all: his credibility is in shreds because of his numerous incidents of lying, exaggeration, repeated false stories, etc. Now, even if he is telling the truth, it would be foolish for us to accept his statements without skepticism and suspicion — we can’t believe what he says. Staff can’t believe what he says, Cabinet officials can’t believe what he says. Allies can’t believe what he says. Enemies can’t believe what he says. I can’t see what is left. His actions and policies rely primarily on lies, distortions, bizarre fantasies and wild conspiracy theories.

The only desperation I feel is for the country I love. We’re being led by a shallow thinking, self-absorbed lying con-man who might do serious damage to our proud nation. There is no question, I would surely trade Trump for a principled conservative for the good of our country.

I forget who said it, but the gist of the idea is that America would never be conquered from invaders but would succumb to the corruption from within its political system. Are we there yet Mr. Meade?

Robert Miller


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Alan Moon

Opinions and prejudice are not facts. Not a single investigation has led to Trump.


Alan, he is the worst president ever plus he is amoral and without principles. The walks are closing in plus he will be a 95% lame ducky after Jan 3rd. You need a dictionary. Again. Critiquing a person or a view is not prejudice. Your fake victimhood is showing.


Great Letter. Expertly done detail and compressing how crooked Trump is


Really enjoy your letters.

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