To The Daily Sun,

I wish more people would take the time to watch (on YouTube) President Dwight Eisenhower give his Farewell Address when he warns us of the pernicious effects of the Military-Industrial Complex.

I like Ike.

Illustrating how relevant is this warning, it turns out this country has shelled out $6.4 trillion fighting the thankless and unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. This shocking figure is generated by the Watson Institute, affiliated with Brown University.

Next time I’m driving on roads here in Lakes Region that belong in the Third World, with my head snapping back and my suspension crying out in pain, I’ll be thinking of our misplaced priorities.

Current annual military spending is nearly a trillion. We are spending far too much — unless one is on the defense contractor gravy train.

Ike knew what he was talking about.

Brent Anderson


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