To The Daily Sun,

As I write this letter to the Eeditor, I am confused whether I have to get Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) permission. She has proclaimed that she is the boss.

We need to clarify a few definitions. Far left = Democrat, Left = Democrat, Progressive/Liberal = Democrat, and Democrat-Socialist = Democrat.

Democrats twice have rejected legislation to protect babies born alive from an abortion. Senators Shaheen, Hassaan and every Senate Democrat running for president voted for infanticide (killing babies). Did AOC tell them how to vote? How many babies must die before the Democrats admit they were wrong? If an illegal has an abortion and the baby lives, will the baby be killed?

AOC Green New Deal will be voted on in the Senate. How many senators will support the Green New Deal estimated to cost $93 trillion?

Medicare for all, why don't NY, CT, CA, VT, OR, and other states pass it into law?

Democrats have called me a list of names that I cannot list as the letter cannot exceed 250 words. I am a proud veteran, and a deplorable.

Enough is enough; it is time to vote out the Democrats. God bless President Trump. Yes, I did this without asking AOC.

Jim Mayotte


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Apparently there is no freedom of speech here. I have tried numerous times to respond to comments addressed to me and they do not show up.


As a veteran, I cannot imagine feeling pride in voting for Trump when you see how he has treated them and their families. Or how he treats the military. Or how he lies to them. Perhaps you are a different kind of "veteran" than I am.


Your cognitive dissonance is on display, When can we expect solution for the problems facing us all?


I am gleefully enjoying the right wing's obsession with AOC! And wow, did you see her questioning Michael Cohen? Trump tax returns!


If brains were Dynamite, you couldn't blow your nose. You and every other Republican are DELIBERATELY obfuscating the truth on this issue. Deliberately and with malice. Because of you REALLY do not understand this issue and why the vote went the way it did, them you should NOT be offering "indirect opinions" on any topic beyond the comics.


so it's ok to kill a baby?


You need to do research on this and not just read the headlines.


Go away!!!


Why should JIm go away? He has every right to express and expose how our senators voted on infanticide. Strange that the media won't report on this. I think it is kind of sick on your part to use a baby as an image for your comment to this post.


I agree w/ getalife. I guess unless you are some sort of leftwing nut like spellchucker you don't have any right to an opinion. MAGA!


"Go away" is a figure of speech like "get out!". Get a life. Lighten up.



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