To The Daily Sun,

Keith Forrester wrote about lies that Obama and Clinton told that are irrelevant in today's time — it's old news. Donald Trump has been fact-checked by the Washington Post and many other reputable news sources! It is known that in 828 days in office Trump has lied 10,111 times. If I had a dollar for every lie could take a nice vacation with my family!

He asked for a list of the lies. Sure, but I don’t think there is enough paper at The Daily Sun to print them. So why don’t you look at this link and you can even filter by topic if you so choose. Not only do they list the lies they also state the truth for those who still can’t see the forest through the SLEEZE! So, if you really insist on a list of exact lies: Here it is! ( I and really anyone else who is interested in the lies he told and what the truth actually is. Then again, most MAGA and Trump supporters cant see the truth if it slapped them in the face.

Erica Hebert


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