To The Daily Sun,

I’m an old white guy whose honeymoon with New Hampshire has not yet ended.

In a recent LTE, a person’s tirade of issues recognized ignorance, for their first time, in the Lakes Region, even after living in Massachusetts and many other places. I like the Lakes’ quiet life, friendly people and, yes, we noticed it’s predominantly Caucasian Christians, who have been welcoming all races and religions for over two centuries to live peacefully here.

Newer residents will learn in New Hampshire, of 10 people, there may be 12 different opinions. Those aware about happenings in the world, nation, and New Hampshire may see a difference of an ethic family moving here, finding work and become part of the community, compared to where private organizations, business, and government meet to organize a publicly stated goal for an implementation of ethnic diversity in New Hampshire planning to search for mostly non-Caucasians ethic groups, with no trades experience, degrees or work history, who would not come to New Hampshire on their own, and entice them with funding, housing, employment and assistance which will not be offered to New Hampshire people.

The LTE reveres their grandfather, yet degrades other old white people’s ‘40s and ‘50s beliefs and teachings about reproductive “rights”. Funny thing, I’m an old white guy whose beliefs and education came from men and women of that revered grandfather’s generation from which we taught our children and they theirs, many of whom are reading this because of those old white people beliefs. Sad that most of younger generations are not taught responsibility and that inconvenient pregnancies are gone by a simple procedure (so as not to offend, I did not note the procedure of killing the fetus then removal of body parts piece by piece in an abortion), ending any chance of those unborn writing a LTE.

Rants about the Confederate flag when a hat is enough of a trigger, I wager the Hammer and Sickle would not be at all upsetting. Oh, I understand, it’s the old slave thing. Stop the blame game; it was a worldwide business then and even is to this day.

The LTE is also afraid of guns; it’s okay, many people have phobias. Reality is New Hampshire is one of the safest states. So in some minds, bullies and cowards are the ones with a weapon and are comparable to dictators and that MAGA people go into stores not to buy machetes but to scare others with them (I’m biased, I own two machetes, great for cutting vines). Although the gun was not scary enough so as not to confront the armed man about exercising his rights. Really, how many times this week has someone been shopping open carrying? Of them, how many were there to scare you?

After all the negatives of MAGA, guns, having children, old white people, Caucasians, individuals and Republicans and Ryan Murdough‘s announcement for State Rep., there was somehow no mention of issues with a Democrat, Socialist, Marxist or Communist. The LTE said that Mr. Murdough wants segregated schools — while it’s okay for black students to now want their own colleges and are refusing to allow whites to attend black-only areas and events. He makes anti-Islamic statements as unrest grows in Europe and Lewiston, Maine, with cultural issues and killings, anti-Jewish — whole lots of anti-Israeli UN resolutions —he chooses which media to address, as white journalists are refused attendance to black-only press interviews.

Claims that Mr. Murdough does not want to associate or have others around and verbally abuses them, so what was the LTE response ... the same verbal abuse that he and his beliefs are not liked and he is not wanted here and suggests that he get out of New Hampshire and go to Montana! Pot calling the kettle black? Oops, sorry, that’s an old guy ‘40-’50s idiom, not a drug or race joke.

Like or dislike what Mr. Murdough says or believes, but one knows where he stands and how he would vote, unlike many New Hampshire Party candidates with the BS they say to be elected.

A LTE that saw ignorance only in the Lakes Region, put forth a list to demonize, views old white people, guns, MAGA, Republicans and individuals are inherently bad or old outdated beliefs was an overview, but it may not be a complete list; time will tell.

Tom Ploszaj

Center Harbor

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