To The Daily Sun,

The New Hampshire House started off the new term in a rather bumpy fashion on last Wednesday. With the exception of four brave soles bucking their majority's leadership, the House adopted rules that violate the Constitution to which they had sworn an oath just a few weeks ago. Not only have they disregarded their oaths, many also turned against their own campaign promises to put partisan politics aside. When they reached across the aisle, they were not offering to work together for the good of the state; they made their first move to take our firearms.

While many are not surprised by such a move, it is particularly alarming that they so openly showed their contempt for the rights for which they have been entrusted to protect. The majority repeatedly used fourth-graders as a shield to hide their irrational fears. New Hampshire is among the safest states in the union. Our fourth-graders and all children are and have been mixed among an armed populace for decades almost everywhere they go in the state.

The majority has set a tone of distrust. They are not worried about "nuts" in the gallery, it is their colleagues on the floor that they do not trust. The Republican members of the House will demonstrate that there is no reason to fear. We will follow the lead of Governer Sununu, who, following such a terrible display on Wednesday, came to the floor of the House and offered his upbeat, positive and optimistic vision for the coming term. We will work together maintaining a strong economy and protecting the rights of our citizens. We will do our best to carry our disagreements as we do our firearms — discreetly.

Rep. Mike Sylvia


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Alan Moon

I saw your sources Veverka, all supplied by anti gun propaganda outlets. Just think, Every school is a gun free zone. Every church and night club is a gun free zone. Most office buildings and work places are gun free zones. Hospitals and post offices are as well. Those are where most mass shootings take place and to claim otherwise is the lie.


My Drs office is a gun free zone and I’m thankful for it. Not everyone has your love affair with guns Alan.
According to you and yours I should pack the heat when ever I leave my home. That’s is called paranoid and I will not live my life as such. Not all people are horrible and out to kill you. Most people are very decent folk up here. Just like not all Mexicans are drug cartel or every Muslin is a bomb maker. And a shooting can happen anytime and anyplace, gun free zone or not, so stop using that as another lame excuse and find some new ones.


I suggest you read Scalia's 2008 opinion. Banning guns in sensitive places is constitutional. Read it. It's constitutional

Alan Moon

93 percent of mass shootings in the US happen in 'gun free zones'. It's your life. Carry concealed anyway. if you do it right no one will be the wiser.


That is a lie, Alan


Lott has been outed

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