To The Daily Sun,

Is this who we are?

While the U.S. Capitol was under siege, on Jan. 6, the NH House of Representatives met for their first session of the year. According to a recently published record, this is what they did on that day:

While our nation’s Capital was under attack, the NH House Republican Majority:

• VOTED TO ALLOW deadly weapons (HB 133-204) and alcohol consumption (HB 145-180) in the House chamber – while eliminating sexual harassment prevention training (HB 133-188).

• VOTED TO ALLOW House members to make racist and anti-Semitic social media posts without consequence (HB 122-154), emboldening Rep. Dawn Johnson (R-Laconia) and Rep. Jim Spillane (R-Deerfield), who made national news for their bigotry in recent weeks.

• VOTED TO ALLOW House members – who signed a petition rejecting the 2020 election results – to continue serving (HB 91-157), effectively providing cover for the GOP’s Seditious Six: Rep. Jose Cambrils (R-Loudon), Rep-Elect. Anne Copp (R-Derry), Rep. Raymond Howard, Jr. (R-Alton), Rep. Dave Testerman (R-Franklin), Rep. Mike Silvia (R-Belmont), and Rep. Scott Wallace (R-Danville).

Is this who we have become?

Gaye Fedorchak


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