To The Daily Sun,

My name is Rebecca Clarke and, as a resident of Plymouth for over 30 years, I believe Josie Girona is the best candidate for the position of town clerk.

When the past town clerk retired, Josie stepped up to fill her shoes. I have worked in the Town Clerk’s Office and know first-hand that you are constantly learning and training for all aspects of the job. Josie has done this and has been able to fill the needs of the residents of Plymouth. She has a wonderful attitude and eagerness to learn.

I have faith that the residents of Plymouth will make the right decision and elect their acting town clerk, Josie Girona, on March 10.

I would also like to at this time show my support for Michael Weaver for selectman. We have been neighbors for many years and I believe him to be an outstanding, honest, and caring person. During the recent storm, we had a tree and telephone pole fall across our driveway which left us with no power and also no way in or out. Mike and his wife, Joanne, walked through the woods to my house and our neighbor’s house to make sure everyone was OK and if any of us needed anything. We were all helpless and they went and got water and other things and brought them to both households by way of pulling sleds, as vehicles could not get through. They could’ve just stayed in their warm home and not worried about any of us, but they didn’t. This to me shows that there are still caring people in this town and that is the kind of person I feel would be great on the board. Please cast your vote for Michael Weaver for selectmen.

Rebecca Clarke


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