To The Daily Sun,

Rep. Glenn Cordelli is a disgrace. As the delta variant surges in New Hampshire, he continues to speak out against common-sense public health measures like wearing masks. He made a presentation against wearing masks in schools at a school board meeting last week. He wore no mask, and this was in a facility that requires masks. This reckless behavior is not new for Glenn. He has repeatedly advocated defunding our public schools and has supported an extreme far-right agenda of dismantling government every step of the way.

We cannot trust Glenn Cordelli, representative for Moultonborough, Sandwich, and Tuftonboro, or any of the Free Staters masquerading as Republicans in the House. By denying science, they put us all at risk and make it that much harder to end this pandemic and ensure that our children and teachers can go to school safely. Although Glenn Cordelli and his fellow NH GOP extremists will continue to deny scientific facts and put us all in danger, Democrats are committed to following proven public health measures.

Democrats at every level — from the State House to the White House — are committed to extinguishing this pandemic. They are following the lead of President Joe Biden, who recently outlined a COVID action plan to build on our progress, stop the spread of delta, and increase vaccinations. Unlike Cordelli, Democrats are committed to ending the pandemic as soon as possible, not dragging it out for political reasons.

People who enjoy the privilege and convenience of living in society need to accept social responsibility and sacrifice some modicum of personal freedom for the common good. Glenn Cordelli and Republicans like him show a complete disregard for the health and well-being of their communities. They act like petulant toddlers putting their individual wills above all other considerations, and we must hold them accountable at the ballot box.

Elizabeth Gabel


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Alan Moon

The popular blue surgical masks are only 10% effective in stopping a virus. Cloth masks are much less effective than that. Why don't you ninnies just stay home and let others get on with our lives?


Elizabeth wants to punish you toddlers and force unknown vaccines into your body.

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