To The Daily Sun,

Forget the gerrymandering and redistricting of the electorate. There is a crisis that has been going on for a long time, called party politics. Think out of the box. The box is television without any thought from the viewer and all the attention is drawn by the surface sense of a fantasy unrelated to the actual fact of what is happening right now. Take away this fix and on comes the panic attack, an anxiety that reason and truth can portend the mind. It becomes a fix of want and worse for those without who are really in need of the bare necessities of a reasonable standard of living. Party politics is a very absurd outcome of the delusion that it’s the other party that is the problem.

In the democracy of a republican form of government, the authority is derived by the consent of the governed. It is the party leadership who call on the representatives to vote what is dictated from the top down. The representative of any party hearing the needs of their constituents, whoever their party affiliation stands is to represent all voters.

A two party system is about coming together and finding mutual standing in defining the politics of the guiding principle rules of the Bill of Rights. It’s time to face the actors of self interests using the power of party leadership placing the representative fallen short when it comes to the redress of the necessary demand of their constituents.

Local self-government is not a theory but a tried and true form of a democratic republic from the bottom up. Responsibility of an educated person not an entertained social disorder of ignorance, can and will bring forward a reparation of what ideally needs to happen to vision a future. It just takes perseverance, honesty and a potential for good.

All can learn more about local self-governance at, a non-profit organization educating people about what you need to know when taking on the changes that will help you understand the civics needed in activist tasks in your communities.

Douglas Darrell

Center Barnstead

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