To The Daily Sun,

I found the Tuesday editorial here in the Daily Sun regarding the upcoming "series of special events designed to bring the community together” featuring, among others, Mayor Hosmer, to be quite rich.

While I have nothing against bringing people together, the ongoing facade of Hosmer being anything but a rabid partisan - often aided and abetted by this newspaper - is laughable. Yes, the city’s government is billed as “nonpartisan,” but anybody that cares to look beyond the propaganda routinely spread by our local fake news can find the real truth. As the mayor gets featured and promoted as above the political battles and only seeks to be everyone’s “good friend and colleague with whom I disagree," the reality is that he gets to have his cake and eat it too.

In addition to this charming little soiree promoting unity and good feelings for all, the good “nonpartisan" mayor is also participating in another event - one that might be viewed as something less than seeking to unify despite differences. On Thursday, Sept. 9, the mayor was slated to be a key speaker and participant in an event hosted by a group called The Kent Street Coalition. A quick visit to their website reveals this group to be as “progressive” and left wing as somebody like an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Elizabeth Warren could hope for. From gun control to socialized medicine, and everything in between, this group represents a veritable tour de force of the most liberal left wing agenda one can find.

Oh, and what was on the docket for this  meeting featuring Mayor Hosmer? According to an email obtained by a friend, “This month’s Kent Street Coalition meeting focuses our attention on the threat to municipal elections from the Free State movement.” They will “describe the profound Free State influence on the Legislature. Mayors and candidates from around the state will describe what is happening in their local elections…” and will discuss how certain Democrat party-affiliated groups “are working to combat the Free State takeover attempt.”

Yup - it sure sounds like Mr. “nonpartisan” unity Hosmer will fit right in. You see, the Free State movement seeks to bring more liberty to the citizens of New Hampshire. They seek to shrink government and to allow all of us to be free to live and work as we see fit without the heavy hand of an over arching government at all levels. Sadly, for Mayor Hosmer and many of his fellow comrades, we can’t have that! No sir - there’s WAY too much freedom going on around here. We must stop it before it gets out of hand!

All you need to know about Mr Hosmer’s newfound pals and their group is illustrated on a Tweet announcing the confab: The rattlesnake from the famed American Colonists’ “Don’t Tread on Me” so-called Gadsden flag. With a big circle and slash through it. I guess Hosmer wants to do some “treading.” I'll bet that he and his pals won’t be doing so lightly.

Doug Lambert


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I think you misspelled the name: it's Freak State party.

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