To The Daily Sun,

President Biden‘s incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan demonstrates a shocking disregard for the lives of others.  Withdrawing troops without first withdrawing the 5,000 to 40,000 American civilians and our allies’ civilians working on behalf of our government’s goals is shameful, unpardonable, and displays Biden’s moral bankruptcy.

Biden’s incompetence was not surprising, former Secretary Gates said that Biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue for the last 40 years.  But what explains the total incompetence of the rest of his administration, the State Department, or the Military whose motto is “Leave no man behind!”?  Apparently winning wars and protecting Americans is a lower priority than Climate Change, implementing Critical Race Theory, and expelling Trump supporters.        

Our State Department tells civilians to get to the Kabul Airport.  But, the airport is surrounded by Taliban fighters who prevent passage and seize, beat, and execute some people.  All have been left to the mercy of the merciless Taliban. 

Biden promised that the withdrawal from Afghanistan would be nothing like the withdrawal from Saigon. He was right; this is much worse. Thousands of Americans and our allies have been left behind to be slaughtered, enslaved, or held hostage; this is far worse than the Iran hostage situation.   

Biden also left behind billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment.  These weapons can be used to enslave the Afghan people who mostly despise the Taliban, to arm terrorists, or to use in military adventures elsewhere, perhaps to take over nuclear equipped Pakistan.

Afghanistan is now an even stronger sanctuary for terrorists than it was before 9/11. The Taliban now controls more territory.  It has billions of dollars of modern weapons and equipment, including advanced helicopters.   

Making the situation even worse, China and Russia are now lining up behind the Taliban solidifying its control over Afghanistan and enhancing its ability to make mischief around the world.     

Taliban spokesmen say that women will be treated well, in accordance with Islamic Law. What this means is TBD, but past Taliban practices indicate that women can be beaten, mutilated, raped, deprived of educations and medical care, and even killed.  Apparently America’s Women’s Rights Groups don’t care. 

Biden went into hiding after ordering this disaster.  Biden only appears to contradict his previous statements about the withdrawal and to try to blame others for the disastrous results of his orders which abandoned all of Trump’s conditions and controls.          

Biden’s incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan makes the world much more dangerous.  It endangers Americans at home, especially with Biden’s open borders policy.  Many, many innocent people will pay with their lives.  There’s no indication that Biden understands or cares.     

Don Ewing


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Let's be clear Mr. Trump Cult Member, the architect and agreement signed for this withdrawal was Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo, one they made with the Taliban and not including the Afghanistan Government in the talks.

Trump and Pompeo wanted to leave abruptly in May without any support; they had already set in motion an unsafe troop drawdown.

Joe Biden may have made of few mistakes, but he's doing it all in a much more competent way, in a messy situation that wasn't going to pretty.

Last month at a rally Trump was bragging about his agreement had tied Biden's hands and they had leave on his timeline and was taking credit for getting out; you can't have it both ways.

Alan Moon

The first thing Biden's people did was to reverse every single Trump plan and policy. Anything that had Trump's name attached to it was thrown out along with all of his people. You can't have it both ways, Biden owns every bit of it.

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