To The Daily Sun,

They call me racist because:

I love my “Family” and will protect them.

I love my “God” and practice my faith.

I love my country the “USA” and will protect it from anything that would try to destroy it.

I own and carry “guns” and believe it is a right of all law-abiding Americans.

I carry and read the “Bible” and pray for civil rights for all of humanity and that violence will end.

I believe in “freedom of speech” for everyone, and your right to disagree, without name calling and character assassination.

I believe the right of peaceful “protest and demonstration,” not rioting causing violence, destruction of property and looting. Violators need to be prosecuted.

I believe in ”equal rights for all.” I need to earn your respect, as well as you are earning mine.

I believe in “legal immigration,” not illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants should be deported and encourage to reenter the country legally

I believe in helping the” needy,” not those that are using the system for personal gain.

I believe “all lives matter,” both the born and the unborn.

I stand for the “flag” and kneel for the “cross”.

Last, but not the least, you call me, “A privileged white male”. It was through determination and hard work, 10 hours a day, six and seven days a week for 38 years that enabled me to achieve what I have. If this is what it means to be privileged. Then I’m privileged.

It is a privilege to be an American live in the USA and being part of making America one the greatest nations on the planet. I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!

If this is what makes me a “racist,” so be it, call me racist!

You have called me a racist for what I believe in and practice. What I would like to know is what do you believe in and what should I call you.?


Don Bormes


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Omg that was the best answer 👍🏻

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