To The Daily Sun,

Thank you for publishing the story of Tim Carter's experiences in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. I had no idea that the storming of the Capitol of the nation was simply because the protesters needed to take a leak! That makes a lot of sense! I have read that a few of your "patriots" friends also defecated in the halls of the Capitol and then spread feces on the walls. Were you one of those "patriots"?

I hope you flushed the toilets and lowered the toilet seats afterwards.

Question: Have you ever actually read the Constitution or do you simply rely on talk radio or Alex Jones, that community college dropout, for you opinions? Or are you one of those QAnon wackos who believes everything some mythical person named "Q" posts?

Daylon Brock


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I hope poor, poor Tim brought plenty of toilet paper, just incase.

I'm hoping Tim gets a chance to tell his story to the FBI.


That was awesome!!!

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